Rohde’s Design/Build Goal:  To Give You the Lowest Cost of Ownership

Rohde's project engineers

The quality and success of every project begins with thorough research and planning from our experienced team.

Using a comprehensive strategy that involves analyzing different options and weighing cost implications, Rohde design/build engineering solutions give you the lowest cost of ownership. Plus, Rohde’s experience in working with capital plans enables project design and implementation that meets the needs of owner defined payback periods.

Ultimately, a Rohde design/build project offers long-term value. Its innovative and strategic mechanical engineering solutions guarantee:

  • Minimized installation costs
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduced operating expenses

Collaboration for Superior Results

By integrating with your team, early in the planning process, the Rohde team provides expertise for new construction, additions, alterations and improvements to ensure that your mechanical systems are of the highest quality design.

Rohde routinely assists customers with capital plans enabling project design and implementation that meets your needs.

By thoroughly evaluating the system performance of new or existing buildings, using state-of-the art engineering software and tools, Rohde provides comprehensive turnkey solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Streamlined Project Coordination

Utilizing the most current 3D Building Information Modeling technologies (BIM), our design-build process takes an initial idea and turns it into a realistic visual interpretation.

With full project control of all aspects of the design and build components, plus project coordination drawings, Rohde is able to monitor project installations as efficiently as possible to stay on schedule and on budget.


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