Briess Industries Ammonia Refrigeration System

Rohde Bros. Inc. was hired by Briess Industries to design and install an Ammonia Refrigeration System in their new manufacturing plant. The primary challenge was to design and install a system which would have half the operating cost and a lower maintenance cost than the comparable system already in operation in another section of the plant.

We achieved this goal by incorporating the following design features into the Ammonia System:

  • Typical system COP of 3. This system can operate as high as a COP of 8! This results in significant energy saving our conventional systems.
  • Low head pressure system reduces horsepower requirements.
  • Internet based control system allows for monitoring system performance and notification via email or text message if system problems were to occur.
  • Innovative design minimizes system charge and utilizes a single oil collection point.
  • Reliable low ambient operation. This results in less than half the operating cost during the winter months.
  • This unique system design will actually shut down compressors for extended periods and only restart them as needed.

Ammonia Refrigeration System