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Heat Recovery system installed by Rohde



Using 3D modeling and FEA, Rohde Brothers, Inc. designed and installed a system to recover heat from kiln exhaust to heat water for sink, showers and process applications, and to heat the air used by pottery ware drivers.

Rohde designed a custom thermal storage tank capable of holding 4,000 gallons of water at 400 PSIG. (Typical storage systems run to 125 PSIG.)

Pump skid included pre-piped pumps, pre-wired pumps and a pre-wired control system with all censors.

Rohde control engineers designed a web-based Honeywell control system to provide GUI for the Allen-Bradley system that allows remote monitoring and trending diagnostics for greater efficiencies in production scheduling, and energy savings.

The project saved The Kohler Company $178,000 in natural gas costs within the first year.


Total project payback was only 2.5 years.

ABC Wisconsin Associated Builders and Contactors

AGC Build Wisconsin Award, 2012

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