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Piping and Plumbing

Optimize Your Mechanical Systems

Rohde is one of the few mechanical contractors in Wisconsin whose steamfitters are ASME Certified to perform welding on high pressure and stainless steel piping.

Rohde installs piping systems and plumbing used in the food processing, industrial manufacturing, and commercial markets. Our pipefitters and plumbers use carbon steel, cast iron, copper, CPVC, galvanized, HDPE, PEX, PVC, and stainless steel to install a variety of systems:

    - Steam, Hot and Chilled Water
    - Process Cooling Water
    - Hydraulic Piping and Compressed Air
    - Ammonia and Halocarbon (Freon) Refrigeration
    - Potable and Non-Potable Water
    - Sanitary and Acid Waste
    - Storm Drains
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