Project Recap – Heat Recovery System

Gold’n Plump Poultry Production Plant, Arcadia, WI

Project Goal

To conserve energy through heat recovery from existing ammonia refrigeration system.

Project Overview

The Rohde team fully engineered (mechanical and electrical) a system to recover waste heat being generated from the ammonia cooling system for use in heating water for production sanitation needs. Design concept is based on the use of a heat pump.

Rohde designed, engineered and implemented the system within 6 months. Working closely with Gold’n Plump’s team, Rohde ensured integration of the new system with minimal disturbance to the existing facility and processes in place. Installations were scheduled during typical plant shut-downs.

Rohde engineers scaled an existing heat recovery design to accommodate the plant’s daily use of 1,000,000 gallons of 140°F water for production and sanitation, making the heat recovery package the largest type in WI – 225 hp.

Heat recovered 4,800 MBH; Heat generated 6,300 MBH; Savings to Company $170,000 per year in energy costs

Project Awards

  • ABC Projects of Distinction Award, 2011

  • AGC Build Wisconsin Award, 2010

  • Picture Titles: Gold’n Plump Heat Recovery

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