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Energy Conservation through Heat Recovery

In just 7 ½ months, Rohde redesigned, engineered and implemented an ammonia refrigeration system expansion, with integrated controls, using the existing infrastructure.

Customized Solution:

  • Rohde’s redesign eliminated the high-pressure receiver and significantly reduced the ammonia charge required in the system. Rohde’s design reduced it to 7,000 lbs. from the initial base bid of 14,000 lbs.

  • Variable frequency drives on all components including the two new 150 HP compressors.

  • Low discharge pressure design that allowed the system to run at much lower pressure in the cooler months.

  • Redesign of all the expansion devices such that high pressure liquid was not required to get the liquid into the various evaporator coils.

  • Eliminated the need to change relief valves every five years by redesigning to remove surge drums.

  • Coil circuiting designed to carry oil back to the recirculation vessel to drain at a single point in the ammonia room rather than several points on the roof.

  • Saved the client over 38% in electrical costs and significantly reduced maintenance and operating costs.

  • Gas costs reduced by 5-10% with significant reduced maintenance costs.

  • · Eliminated the need for a full Process Safety Management program (PSM) and $30,000 in consulting fees by reducing charge holds below EPA and OSHA thresholds.

AGC Build Wisconsin Award, 2008

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