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Utility Piping of Recirculated Cooling Water System

Rohde conducted a sequenced rebuild of plant-wide recirculated water cooling system for aluminum die-casting operations at Mercury Marine with no disrutpion to plant production. Rohde "provided entire mechanical system integration packages and added their own value engineering to reduce installed cost and operating cost while actually enhancing our original performance expectations," said Stephen Mlinaz, Mercury Marine Senior Facilities Manager. 

Customized Solution:

  • Installation of piping and HVAC for three new die cast machines and ancillary equipment process utility piping and ventilation

  • Installation of new hot and cold wells in the new tunnel, connecting the existing plant to a new addition

  • Replaced pumps and controls

  • Replaced and expanded the tunnel's utility piping

  • Reduced water flow rates allowing for lower pumping energy costs

  • Improved water quality, while reducing water requirements and reduced maintenance costs

ABC Project of Distinction, 2017
AGC Build Wisconsin, 2017

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