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Rohde “provided entire mechanical system integration packages and added their own value engineering to reduce installed cost and operating cost while actually enhancing our original performance expectations,”

Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Manager.


The Rohde Brothers team “does an outstanding job communicating with me all deadlines and any changes taking place throughout the project. Rohde’s foreman on the stand-alone freezer project at Lakeside Foods work hand-in-hand with our foreman to ensure the project was completed safely and on time,

Michael Bartelt, project manager


I enlisted Mike and his team at Rohde Brothers early in the conceptual planning stages of the project to discuss the plant refrigeration systems.  Drawing from our collective years of experience, we collaborated to develop a plan taking a holistic approach to the HVAC and refrigeration systems design.  We incorporated a unique ice storage system, geothermal and waste heat recovery to deliver comparable energy efficiency without the need for ammonia.  The resulting systems are easier to maintain and offer a lower life-cycle cost than following the traditional approach,

Mark Wirtz, Engineering Manager


Johnsonville Sausage considers Rohde Brothers a valued contractor for their knowledge of the food industry, ability to understand their organization’s needs, and their proficiency in meeting, and often exceeding, work execution and schedule expectations. We, at Miron Construction, place great weight on the value our customers see in their contractors, which has led to recurring opportunities to work alongside Rohde Brothers on Johnsonville Sausage expansion projects,

Eric Grams, Senior Project Manager, Miron Construction Co., Inc.


Rohde Brothers, Inc. worked closely with me to develop a hooded capture system that allowed filtered air to be returned to the factory space. Although other systems exist globally, none to our knowledge operate as effectively and efficiently,”

Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Engineer, Mercury Marine.