Industrial Refrigeration

Feature Rich Solutions in Industrial Refrigeration

Refrigeration is second nature to us here at Rohde Brothers, Inc. We’ve been doing refrigeration for more than 100 years.

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Industrial Refrigeration
Industrial Refrigeration

Why Rohde Brothers, Inc.?

  • Innovative Solutions: Cutting-edge refrigeration technologies and designs
  • Customization Expertise: Systems built to your specific needs and requirements
  • Technical Proficiency: Skilled in a variety of refrigeration methods
  • Energy Efficiency: Focus on sustainable, cost-effective solutions
  • Comprehensive Support: From design to ongoing maintenance

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Innovation in Industrial Refrigeration Systems

At Rohde Brothers, Inc., we specialize in engineering and design of advanced industrial refrigeration systems. This includes chillers of any size and portable skid systems. Which we can build in-house. Our expertise in utilizing both ammonia and halocarbon refrigerants, combined with our innovative approach to geothermal energy in cold storage, sets us apart in delivering energy-efficient and effective refrigeration solutions.

Custom-Built Chillers for Every Need

Tailoring Refrigeration Systems to Your Specifications

Whether you need a compact chiller or a large-scale industrial system, our team is equipped to design and fabricate refrigeration solutions that meet your exact requirements. Our portable skid systems offer flexibility and convenience for varied industrial needs.

  • Customizable chiller sizes to suit all types of applications
  • Portable skid systems for flexibility and mobility
  • Advanced design for optimal performance and reliability

Ammonia and Halocarbon Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Expertise in Efficient Refrigeration Technologies

Our proficiency in both ammonia and halocarbon refrigeration systems allows us to offer a wide range of options to our clients. We ensure that each system is designed for maximum efficiency and safety, tailored to your specific industrial context.

  • Specialized in ammonia and halocarbon refrigerants
  • Systems designed for safety, efficiency, and compliance
  • Tailored solutions for various industrial applications

Geothermal Technology for Cold Storage

Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency in Cold Storage

In our quest to enhance energy efficiency in cold storage, we’ve developed innovative geothermal solutions. These systems leverage the earth’s stable temperatures to significantly reduce energy consumption in cold storage facilities.

  • Innovative use of geothermal energy for refrigeration
  • Substantial energy savings in cold storage operations
  • Eco-friendly solutions reducing environmental impact
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