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Leading Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Rohde Brothers, Inc., is currently providing top-tier water and waste water treatment solutions for municipal and private treatment plants. Wastewater treatment plants are typically unique to the application or community they are in. This is one reason we excel at these complex systems. Our expertise is tailored to meet the complex and demanding needs of wastewater treatment, ensuring efficient, reliable, and sustainable operations.

Some of the Facilities We Work In: 

  • Water Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Lift and Pump Stations
  • Life and Safety Systems (zoos and aquariums)

HVAC Systems for Wastewater Plants

Proper climate control is crucial in wastewater treatment facilities. Our HVAC solutions are designed to maintain the ideal environmental conditions, ensuring process efficiency and staff comfort, even in the most challenging conditions. HVAC is also needed for drying processes to remove toxic gasses and fumes making spaces safe for treatment plant operations workers.

  • Tailored HVAC systems for specific plant requirements
  • Durable and reliable in harsh wastewater environments
  • Energy-efficient designs for cost-effective operation
  • Automated Controls Systems

Specialized Piping for Wastewater Treatment

Efficient Piping for Optimal Flow and Management

In wastewater treatment, robust and efficient pumps and piping systems are essential. Our solutions cater to the specific needs of treatment plants, ensuring reliable filtering and waste disposal.

  • High-quality materials for longevity and resistance to corrosive environments
  • Precision-engineered for efficient water and waste management
  • Compliance with environmental and safety standards
  • Experience with high tech and low tech WWTP equipment

Advanced Control Systems for Wastewater Facilities

Precision and Efficiency in Process Control

Our control systems are the heart of efficient wastewater treatment operations. We provide advanced solutions that allow for precise monitoring and control of various treatment processes, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

  • State-of-the-art control systems for process optimization
  • User-friendly interfaces for easy operation and monitoring
  • Integration with existing systems for seamless operation
      Waste Water Treatment Plant Solids processing HVAC
      Pump Room at Wastewater Treatment Plant
      Control Panel at Waste Water Plant

      Treatment Plant Utilities

      • Process Piping
      • Prefabrication of Pipe/Manifolds
      • Control and Automation systems
      • Filtration and Membrane Separation


      • Geothermal and In-Floor Systems
      • Heating and Cooling
      • Process Control Electronics


      • Preventative Maintenance
      • HVAC Repair and Upgrades
      • Piping and pump installation
      • Controls updates and programming

      Geothermal for Energy Effeciency

      Geothermal systems for WWTP’s make sense because of the cost savings you realize in a short period of time. The energy efficiency credits will provide you anywhere between 30 and 50 percent of the cost of system construction. In the municipal space the money comes back to you as regular funds. On top of that geothermal for cold storage will save you roughly 70% in energy costs over the life of the system.

      Why Partner with Rohde Brothers, Inc.?

      • Innovative Solutions: Cutting-edge technologies tailored to your needs that meet or exceed code standards
      • Energy Efficiency: Focus on sustainable, cost-saving designs
      • Expertise: Deep knowledge in Water/Water Treatment requirements
      • Quality Assurance: Commitment to high standards and client satisfaction
      • Support and Maintenance: Comprehensive after-sales service

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