Metal Molding and Casting

Expert Solutions for the Sand and

Die-Casting Industries


Air Filtration, HVAC, Process Piping, Ductwork, and Mechanical Construction

At Rohde Brothers, Inc., we understand the unique challenges faced by the sand/die-casting facilities, sintering facilities, and heat treating – annealing facilities.

The demanding nature of these sectors requires not just precision but also a commitment to creating a safe, efficient, and productive environment. That’s where our expertise shines. With a deep understanding of mist and dust collection, HVAC, process piping, ductwork, and fabrication, we offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your operations.

Air Filtration: In the sand and die-casting industries, managing airborne contaminants is crucial for protecting product quality and ensuring a healthy workspace. Our cutting-edge air filtration systems are designed to capture and remove particulates efficiently, keeping your operations clean and compliant with environmental standards.

HVAC Solutions: Temperature control is vital in maintaining optimal operating conditions and protecting sensitive equipment. Whether you need robust cooling

systems to manage high heat loads or precise heating to maintain specific temperature ranges, our HVAC solutions are engineered to provide reliability and efficiency.

Process Piping: Our expertise in process piping ensures that your facility has a seamless, efficient flow of materials. From design to installation, we focus on creating systems that minimize waste and enhance productivity, ensuring that every aspect of your operation runs smoothly.

Ductwork: Custom ductwork solutions from Rohde Brothers, Inc. are designed to fit the unique layout of your facility, ensuring optimal air distribution. Our attention to detail means improved air quality and energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Fabrication: We take pride in our ability to handle the full spectrum of mechanical construction challenges. With us you don’t have to worry about building the structure to hold our product systems. We’ve been fabricating everything we need for generations. We have 36,000sq ft of fabrication space and 40tons of lifting. This allows us to get the job done more efficiently.

Mist Collection Hoods

Breathe Easier with Advanced Mist Collection

In the challenging environment of a die cast foundry, controlling airborne contaminants is crucial. The mist hoods we have built are modular and automated that work with your existing infrastructure or we create our own. 

  • Complete systems with structure, controls, and all related piping
  • Solutions at scale, big or small its no problem at all
  • Energy-efficient systems reducing operational costs

Industrial Utilities

Material Handling of Various Required Substances

Foundry work is detailed and complex requiring fluids, gasses, cooling, and lubrication. We build piping for all the mechanicals you need.

  • Compressed air systems for harsh foundry environments
  • Nitrogen generation and piping for degassing and other functions
  • Die lube and pressurized chemical transport
  • Cooling water

Process Piping Solutions

Streamlining Foundry Operations with Superior Piping Solutions

Whether it’s for conveying raw materials or waste, our process piping and plumbing solutions are engineered to the highest standards. We ensure seamless integration with your existing systems, improving operational flow and reliability.

  • Stainless steel expertise and dedicated shop floor space
  • Materials chosen by code, need, or your preference
  • We have state certified and ASME certified welders to build pressure vessels and high-pressure piping

Why Choose Rohde Brothers, Inc.?

  • Expertise: Decades of experience in the foundry industry
  • Customization: As design builders, we’ve engineered hundreds of unique solutions for our clients
  • Quality: We use the best materials like passivated stainless steel
  • Innovation: Clients call us when others turn them down because of complexity
  • Support: Comprehensive after-installation support and maintenance

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