Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems are becoming more and more automated and less hands-on. That requires a special skillset that Rohde Brothers, Inc. clearly demonstrates. 

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Industrial Control Systems

Precision-Engineered Industrial Control Systems

Engineering Excellence in Facility Controls and Automation

At Rohde Brothers, Inc., our industrial control systems merge engineering precision with technological innovation. Our UL 508A Certified Panel Shop and Controls Department, led by accomplished mechanical and electrical engineers, specializes in the sophisticated application of Allen-Bradley®, Honeywell®, and Tridium industrial control systems. Our expertise ensures your operations are streamlined for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategic Reduction in Operational Costs

Our engineering approach is centered on optimizing your facility’s performance while minimizing operational expenditures. By implementing advanced control systems, we significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failures and downtime, thereby prolonging asset life and diminishing the necessity for urgent repairs.

Expertise Across Diverse Industrial Sectors

Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, food production, cold storage, pottery, brewing, healthcare, and water treatment facilities. This diverse expertise equips us with the unique ability to engineer controls solutions that meet specific industry demands.

Advanced Integration with Universal Control Languages

We employ well known and updated programming languages, ensuring our control systems integrate seamlessly with existing facility infrastructures. This integration capability extends across various systems, enhancing overall operational coherence and control.

Showcasing Engineering Success

Our project pages highlight our proficiency in integrating complex control systems, utilizing BIM/CAD technologies for precise and efficient execution. These examples underscore our commitment to engineering excellence and bespoke client solutions.

Comprehensive Support and Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Beyond installation, we offer extensive support for all our control systems, including remote monitoring options. This ensures ongoing operational efficiency and swift resolution of any issues, maintaining system integrity and performance.


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