Boutique Hotel - Geothermal Ground Heating

Completed Entryway After First Snowfall

Through innovation in engineering Rohde collaborated with a full-service boutique to install a $10 million snow melt system to enhance their guest experience and to protect their parking structure. The design-build rehabilitation included engineering, steam fitting, plumbing and HVAC work.

The system was one of the most aggressive design solutions ever done for such a large and varied area of an outdoor structure,” said Rick Nierzwicki, CG Schmidt Managing Director. According to Nierzwicki, “I don’t believe the project would have been successful without the attention to detail by the Rohde team and their commitment to meet an extremely aggressive construction schedule.

Rick Nierzwicki

Managing Director, CG Schmidt

Customized Solution:

Design and installation of a 70,000 square foot in-slab snow melt system for the entire parking structure, including the parking deck, drives, sidewalks, stairwells and ramps. It included 25 zones and over 22 miles of buried PEX tubing.

Furnish and install steam to hot water heat exchangers, pumps, hydronic equipment, hot water piping in-slab tubing and controls for the entire snow melt system.

Major equipment supplied included a 3-stage high pressure steam reducing station, two steam to hot water heat exchangers, hot water pumps, expansion tank, glycol fill system and snow melt controls.

Addition and modification of storm water drainge for the parking deck.

Replacement of parking structure ventilation equipment with new fans along with controls to maintain ventilation rate to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

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