Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - City of Appleton

The city of Appleton is one of the fastest growing cities in North East Wisconsin, and they needed to upgrade and grow the capacity of their wastewater treatment plant.

To compensate for all the growth a plan was made to double the size of the solid waste conveyer system and structural walkway, they looked to Rohde for help. 

Rohde also added an air handler and related ducting to properly ventalate the processing area where acid washing takes place. Then hoods which help to clear the air over the acid washing operations were installed to de-mist/exfiltrate the acid fumes to make the space habitable for workers. Rohde also installed new duct and vent hoods over the conveyor system being built. 

Rohde was also the plumbing and utilities contractor for this project which meant completely demolishing the old storm drains in the solid waste storage building and replacing it. Rohde also constructed an underground storm water system in the new addition.

Customized Solution:

  • 3D modeling used to design and prove the underground storm drain system in the new addition.
  • A new main conveyor system was provided by Schwing Bioset and installed by Rohde Brothers team members.
  • A new conveyor system was added to move waste solids to the new expansion which was designed and built by Rohde Brothers, then installed by Rohde Mechanics. 
  • Vent hoods and associated ductwork was provided by Rohde Brothers in-house metal fabrication team.
  • A total of 21 exhaust fans were installed in the main storage area as well as the new addition to properly exfil gasses from the facility.

Appleton Wisconsin WWTP

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