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The city of Portage, WI rests on the banks of the Wisconsin River and is one of Wisconsin’s oldest cities.

The city decided to upgrade and update parts of its waste water treatment headworks in an attempt to improve the overall condition of it’s facility and it’s processes.

The job consists of a center flow band fine screen system with an integrated compactor. The equpment was very specific and built in Austrailia. To our knowledge this company is the only firm to make this exact equipment. The equipment is self cleaning and can be operated using a number of configurations.

The job also consisted of piping and pumps which happen in a second phase. Driver motors, gear reducers, and piping all needed to be installed to fully upgrade the system. 

Customized Solution:

  • RETROFIT¬†a new center flow fine screen vertical screener with an integral compactor into the facility. With all new controls and piping to the next phase of the treatment process.
  • Controls for the equipment were installed per NEC specifications to operate and consist of 480 volt primary panel with PLC and an operator interface which can operate the screen, spray wash, and compactor.
  • New piping for solids coming from the screener
  • New piping and pumps for effluent to move liquid into other areas of the treatment plant

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