Johnsonville USA - Ongoing Partnership

Since the construction of the Johnsonville plant in the early 1970’s, Rohde Brothers has worked with Johnsonville Sausage’s engineering department to support small and large projects throughout their multi-plant meat processing campus.

Rohde Brothers has embraced this partnership as an opportunity to bring value to the table and provide ingenuity in all solutions presented whether it be as small as a control program change of the corporate office HVAC systems, to process and waste water treatment plant installation and maintenance projects.

The Meadowside Plant Expansion is a great example of this partnership. Rohde completed the HVAC work for the 81,600 square foot expansion that included ventilation, controls and steam piping for new custom cook equipment.

Rohde maintains a presence with Johnsonville as a valued partner in their operations and maintenance programs. 

The Rohde Customized Solution:
  • Identified engineering and detailed application issues while maintaining effective communication and coordination with trades

  • Created unique solutions that work as planned for custom cook equipment ventilation, installation of process ventilation, steam, and gas service to new production dual-spiral cook oven

  • Executed work under tight deadlines, all while remaining ever-mindful of customer’s large scale plant shutdowns

  • Installation of HVAC, electric controls (DDC hybrid), and high pressure steam piping for industrial process areas

  • Installation of HVAC for engine room and hot water heater room additions

  • Installation of stainless steel flues for CIP water heaters

  • Installation of source capture carbon dioxide gas exhaust system for process blender equipment

  • Ductwork in food production areas is all heli-arc welded stainless steel

  • Design assistance, fabrication, and installation of process utilities to cook oven including high pressure steam service to spiral oven and freezer, natural gas service, flue gas piping to eight (8) industrial burners, and three (3) gravity stacks on the spiral oven, and combustion air ducting to spiral oven


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