Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Village of Stockbridge

Clarifier at waste water treatment plant

Customized Solution:

  • Installed a 6000 gallon chemical storage tank.
  • Installed a new 2 unit test center for automated testing and data reporting.
  • A new fine screen and associated pump were also installed.
  • A solid waste screw type pump out was installed at the head of the plant.
  • All associated piping, pluming, and sensors were also installed.
  • A full automated controls center was installed with remote interface. 

The Village of Stockbridge hired Rohde Brothers, Inc. to general it’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade and expansion. Rohde brothers added a 5000 gallon reinforced chemical storage tank, testing center, and associated pumps, piping, controls, and electrical.

Rohde was also the plumbing and utilities contractor for this project. Rohde installed a pumpout stand as well as additional piping for a second set of pumps and updated controls for the entire system.

Stockbridge Wisconsin

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