Rohde Brothers, Inc. played a pivotal role in an extensive and innovative upgrade of the central recirculated cooling water system at Mercury Marine’s die casting plant. This complex project, which won the AGC’s Build Wisconsin Award in 2021, showcases our expertise in engineering and mechanical systems integration.

Recirculation PipingThe Challenge: Mercury Marine’s growth necessitated a critical upgrade of their aging cooling system. The original system, expanded over decades, needed modernization to accommodate changes in die casting technology and to prevent operational inefficiencies and downtime.

Phased and Strategic Upgrades: Over three years, we collaborated closely with Mercury Marine to revitalize their cooling system. Our approach included:

  1. Sequential Cooling Tower Replacement: We began by replacing one cooling tower in a temporary location, ensuring no disruption to plant operations.
  2. Piping Network Overhaul: Sequential replacement of the entire network of supply and return piping was meticulously planned and executed.
  3. Optimized Water Flow Rates: Reduced flow rates led to lower energy costs and improved water quality.
  4. Final System Installation: The last phase involved relocating the cooling towers to the roof and replacing pumps and controls for the permanent setup.

Customized Solutions:

  • Replacement of cooling towers and piping in highly congested utility tunnels, requiring precise layout and review.
  • Integration of an Allen-Bradley Micrologix control system with the plant’s existing SCADA system for seamless operation.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the system’s peak efficiency and performance.

Client Testimonial: Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Engineer at Mercury Marine, commended Rohde Brothers for providing comprehensive mechanical systems integration, value engineering, and exceeding original performance expectations.

Conclusion: This project is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ ability to manage complex, large-scale industrial upgrades with precision and minimal operational disruption. Our work with Mercury Marine is a prime example of how we bring value engineering and exceptional project management to every task. If your facility is facing similar challenges, Rohde Brothers is equipped to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.