Mercury Marine’s Award-Winning Cooling System Recirculation Piping

Mercury Marine’s Award-Winning Cooling System Recirculation Piping

Rohde Brothers, Inc. played a pivotal role in an extensive and innovative upgrade of the central recirculated cooling water system at Mercury Marine’s die casting plant. This complex project, which won the AGC’s Build Wisconsin Award in 2021, showcases our expertise in engineering and mechanical systems integration.

Recirculation PipingThe Challenge: Mercury Marine’s growth necessitated a critical upgrade of their aging cooling system. The original system, expanded over decades, needed modernization to accommodate changes in die casting technology and to prevent operational inefficiencies and downtime.

Phased and Strategic Upgrades: Over three years, we collaborated closely with Mercury Marine to revitalize their cooling system. Our approach included:

  1. Sequential Cooling Tower Replacement: We began by replacing one cooling tower in a temporary location, ensuring no disruption to plant operations.
  2. Piping Network Overhaul: Sequential replacement of the entire network of supply and return piping was meticulously planned and executed.
  3. Optimized Water Flow Rates: Reduced flow rates led to lower energy costs and improved water quality.
  4. Final System Installation: The last phase involved relocating the cooling towers to the roof and replacing pumps and controls for the permanent setup.

Customized Solutions:

  • Replacement of cooling towers and piping in highly congested utility tunnels, requiring precise layout and review.
  • Integration of an Allen-Bradley Micrologix control system with the plant’s existing SCADA system for seamless operation.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the system’s peak efficiency and performance.

Client Testimonial: Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Engineer at Mercury Marine, commended Rohde Brothers for providing comprehensive mechanical systems integration, value engineering, and exceeding original performance expectations.

Conclusion: This project is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ ability to manage complex, large-scale industrial upgrades with precision and minimal operational disruption. Our work with Mercury Marine is a prime example of how we bring value engineering and exceptional project management to every task. If your facility is facing similar challenges, Rohde Brothers is equipped to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Unique Ice Storage System, Geothermal & Waste Heat Recovery

Unique Ice Storage System, Geothermal & Waste Heat Recovery

When Masters Gallery Foods embarked on building their new cheese cutting and shredding plant in Oostburg, Wisconsin, they turned to Rohde Brothers, Inc. for a cutting-edge approach to refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Masters Gallery SiloEarly Collaboration for Innovation: Right from the conceptual stages, Masters Gallery Foods and Rohde Brothers collaborated closely. Mark Wirtz, Engineering Manager at Masters Gallery Foods, highlighted the benefits of this partnership. Together, we developed a holistic approach to the plant’s HVAC and refrigeration systems, integrating an innovative ice storage system, geothermal, and waste heat recovery. This approach not only enhanced energy efficiency but also reduced the need for ammonia, making the systems easier to maintain with lower life-cycle costs.

State-of-the-Art Facility Design: The new 2-story, 187,230 square foot facility features maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient systems. Utilizing standard equipment in unique ways, the plant stands as a model of modern food processing design.

Holistic Approach to Systems Design: Unlike traditional food processing facilities where systems are designed separately, our team took a more integrated approach. This not only reduced initial construction costs but also ongoing energy and maintenance expenses.

Customized Solutions:

  1. 3D Modeling: Facilitated an aggressive construction schedule and coordinated complex mechanical and electrical system installations.
  2. Waste Heat Utilization: Heat from chillers, hydraulic power units, and air compressors was repurposed for heating and cooling various areas, including office spaces, data and server rooms, and for snow melt and in-floor hydronic heating systems.Production Controls Interface
  3. Geothermal Pond Loop System: Provided efficient cooling and minimized the need for cooling towers.
  4. Future-Ready Refrigeration Systems: Designed for easy expansion to triple the plant’s capacity in future construction phases.
  5. Comprehensive Facility Features: Included a refrigerated bulk storage warehouse, three processing lines, packaging area, refrigerated shipping warehouse, offices, and a test kitchen.

Major Equipment Installed: The facility was equipped with a wide range of high-end machinery, including food-grade air handling units, heat-pump rooftop units, fan-coil heat pumps, evaporators, a packaged rooftop unit, chillers, ice-makers, cooling tower, and various pumps and fans.

Conclusion: Masters Gallery’s new facility is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ ability to innovate in industrial HVAC and refrigeration. Our integrated, sustainable approach has set a new standard in the industry. If you’re looking for a partner to revolutionize your facility’s systems, Rohde Brothers is at the forefront of efficient and sustainable solutions.

Die Cast Mist Collection Systems

Die Cast Mist Collection Systems

At Rohde Brothers, Inc., we’re excited to share our latest industrial success story from Mercury Marine’s Plant 17. This project showcases our expertise in custom air filtration systems in an industrial setting.Die Caster with Mist Collection Hood

The Challenge: Mercury Marine faced a challenge with their expansion, including the addition of three new die cast machines. They needed an advanced air filtration system to handle the increased output and maintain a clean, safe work environment.

Our Solution: We developed a tailor-made air filtration system featuring:

  1. Retractable Hoods: These allow easy die changes without compromising air quality.
  2. Advanced Four-Stage Filtration: This system efficiently removes contaminants, recirculating clean air back into the facility.
  3. Customizable Fan Speeds: Variable speed fans for each machine provide precise control over air flow.
  4. Integrated Control System: A custom PLC, integrated with Mercury’s central system, offers seamless operation and monitoring.

Adapting to Expansion: When Plant 17 added a larger, 4500 ton capacity machine, we modified our system to match. This included redesigning the hood and piping systems and integrating new heating and cooling equipment for better efficiency.

Results and Impact: Our initial success led to the installation of ten mist collection systems across the facility, significantly improving air quality and operational efficiency.

Conclusion: This project with Mercury Marine is a prime example of Rohde Brothers’ commitment to innovative and efficient industrial solutions. If you’re looking for a partner to enhance your facility’s performance and safety, we’re here to help.

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Redefining Winter Comfort: Rohde’s Innovative Snow Melt System for a Boutique Hotel

Redefining Winter Comfort: Rohde’s Innovative Snow Melt System for a Boutique Hotel

Rohde Brothers achieved a remarkable feat in engineering by collaborating with a full-service boutique to install a state-of-the-art $10 million snow melt system. This project not only enhanced the guest experience but also played a crucial role in protecting the integrity of the hotel’s parking structure.

snow melt tubing in a garageThe Challenge: Faced with the need to provide a safe, snow-free environment for guests, the boutique hotel sought a solution that could handle a large and varied outdoor area. This challenge called for a design that was both innovative and aggressive.

Praise from Industry Experts: Rick Nierzwicki, Managing Director at CG Schmidt, commended the project as one of the most aggressive design solutions for such a vast area. He emphasized the success of the project was largely due to Rohde’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to a tight construction schedule.

Our Customized Solution:

  1. Extensive Snow Melt System: We designed and installed a 70,000 square foot in-slab snow melt system covering the entire parking structure, including decks, drives, sidewalks, stairwells, and ramps. The system comprised 25 zones and over 22 miles of PEX tubing.
  2. Advanced Equipment Installation: We furnished and installed key components like steam to hot water heat exchangers, pumps, hydronic equipment, in-slab tubing, and controls.
  3. High-End Technical Components: The project included a 3-stage high-pressure steam reducing station, two steam to hot water heat exchangers, hot water pumps, an expansion tank, glycol fill system, and sophisticated snow melt controls.
  4. Storm Water Drainage Enhancement: We added and modified the storm water drainage system for the parking deck to complement the snow melt system.
  5. Ventilation System Upgrade: The parking structure’s ventilation equipment was replaced with new fans and controls, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

Conclusion: This innovative snow melt system stands as a testament to Rohde’s engineering prowess and dedication to client satisfaction. By ensuring a safe, snow-free environment, we enhanced the guest experience while safeguarding the hotel’s infrastructure. If your business is looking for groundbreaking solutions in heating and ventilation, Rohde Brothers is your go-to partner.

Award-Winning Heat Recovery Innovation at Kohler Pottery

Award-Winning Heat Recovery Innovation at Kohler Pottery

Rohde Brothers proudly played a key role in a groundbreaking project at Kohler Pottery, an AGC Build Wisconsin Award Winner. Our mission: to ingeniously recover heat from the pottery production process, a task that not only showcased our technical expertise but also significantly reduced energy costs for Kohler Company.

waste heat recoveryProject Background: Kohler Pottery’s production involves four large kilns that reach temperatures above 800°F. With a substantial need for lower-temperature heat for pottery drying and domestic hot water generation, Kohler saw an opportunity to harness this waste heat. Our challenge was to capture and repurpose the heat from both shuttle and tunnel kilns effectively.

Innovative Solution:

  1. Custom Thermal Storage Tank: Utilizing 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we designed a unique thermal storage tank with a 4,000-gallon capacity, capable of handling pressures up to 400 PSIG – far exceeding typical systems.
  2. Pre-Piped Pump Skid: Assembled in our shop to minimize plant disruption, this skid included an Allen-Bradley PLC for pump and heat recovery system control.
  3. User-Friendly Control System: A web-based Honeywell controller allows easy operation and monitoring.
  4. Efficient Heat Recovery Mechanism: We installed a high-pressure hot water coil in a bypass duct for capturing kiln waste exhaust heat, complete with a damper system for optimal heat management.
  5. Closed Loop Hot Water System: This system operates between 120° to 350°F, transferring thermal energy effectively.
  6. Enhanced Domestic Hot Water Heating: A brazed heat exchanger boosts domestic water temperature, allowing for reduced storage volume.

Impact and Savings: This project enabled the recovery of 254,000 therms per year, saving Kohler Company $178,000 annually in natural gas costs. Thanks to funding from WI Focus on Energy, Kohler saw a payback period of just 2.5 years.

Conclusion: The Kohler Pottery Heat Recovery project stands as a testament to Rohde’s commitment to innovative, energy-saving solutions. Our expertise in engineering and dedication to sustainability helped Kohler Pottery transform waste into a valuable resource, setting a new standard in industrial heat recovery. If your facility is looking to turn waste heat into cost savings, Rohde Brothers is ready to make it happen.

Transforming Waste Heat into Savings at Gold-N-Plump

Transforming Waste Heat into Savings at Gold-N-Plump

Rohde Brothers recently embarked on an ambitious project with Gold-N-Plump, a leader in the poultry industry. Our mission was to engineer a solution that turns waste heat from the ammonia cooling system into a valuable resource for the plant’s sanitation needs.

The Challenge: Gold-N-Plump needed an efficient way to heat water for production and sanitation. They turned to us to design a system that could harness the excess heat generated by their ammonia refrigeration system.

Innovative Custom Solution:

  1. Groundbreaking Heat Pump Design: We developed a custom-designed heat pump that is eight times larger than traditional models, setting a new standard in the industry.
  2. Efficient Heat Recovery: Our system directly recovers heat from the ammonia refrigeration system, an innovative approach to energy efficiency.
  3. Integrated Control Systems: We seamlessly integrated the hot water heating system controls with the ammonia refrigeration controls for optimal performance.
  4. Remote Monitoring: The inclusion of remote monitoring and data collection ensures continuous, efficient operation.
  5. Rapid Implementation: Our team designed, engineered, and implemented the system within just 6 months, coordinating closely with Gold-N-Plump to minimize disruption during scheduled plant shutdowns.
  6. Scaled for High Demand: The system was scaled to meet the plant’s significant daily use of 1,000,000 gallons of 140°F water.
  7. Record-Setting Achievement: This project boasts the largest heat pump heat recovery unit in Wisconsin.
  8. Impressive Savings: The system saves Gold-N-Plump $178,000 annually in energy costs.

Conclusion: This project is a milestone for both Rohde Brothers and Gold-N-Plump, demonstrating how innovative engineering can lead to significant energy savings and operational efficiency. We’re proud to have delivered a solution that not only meets Gold-N-Plump’s needs but also sets a new standard in industrial heat recovery. If your business is looking to turn waste into wealth, Rohde Brothers is ready to make it happen.