Rohde Brothers, Inc. Announces Expansion with New 11,000 Square Foot Expansion, Includes 40-Ton Crane Capabilities

Rohde Brothers, Inc. Announces Expansion with New 11,000 Square Foot Expansion, Includes 40-Ton Crane Capabilities

PLYMOUTH, WI, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024   — ** Highlights **

Expanded Fabrication Shop: New 11,000 sq foot facility to enhance production capabilities. Increasing the total shop space to 37,000 Sq ft.

Advanced Lifting Power: Introduction of 40-ton lift capacity with four (4) hooks for increased fabrication and loading capabilities.

Industry-Leading Innovation: Rohde Brothers continues to set benchmarks in the metal fabrication industry.

Rohde Brothers, Inc., a leader in mechanical contracting, is excited to unveil a comprehensive expansion of their fabrication shop, now boasting a state-of-the-art 11,000 square foot addition. This strategic enhancement not only augments the company’s production capacity with advanced 40-ton cranes but also pioneers’ sustainability with the integration of a cutting-edge geothermal heating and cooling system. This horizontal system field type is poised to revolutionize energy efficiency at the site, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 40%. The new facility also boasts an equipment test cell, a dedicated stainless steel fabrication area complete with laser welding capability which is known to produce superior welds that improve corrosion resistance in harsh environments, and full LED high bay lighting for superior visibility.

Innovative Energy Solutions for Sustainable Operations

At the heart of this expansion is Rohde Brothers’ commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The newly installed geothermal system leverages the stable temperatures beneath the Earth’s surface, providing an eco-friendly solution for heating and cooling the expanded facility. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to innovative energy use and operational efficiency, setting a new standard for industrial facilities.

Furthermore, the expansion includes an advanced snow melt system, seamlessly integrated with the geothermal heating to ensure safety and operational continuity during winter months. This system significantly mitigates the impact of snow and ice on the parking area adjacent to the new shop, reducing the use of salt and snow plowing which reduces CO2 emissions. An ice bank system was installed to enhance energy efficiency for cooling the new shop expansion as well.

A Transformative Phase for Industrial Fabrication with Enhanced Sustainability

With this expansion, Rohde Brothers’ facility now encompasses 37,000 square feet of space, marking a significant leap in industrial fabrication capabilities. The addition is designed not only to accommodate larger and more complex projects but also to do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Key Enhancements of the Expansion:

• Expanded Capacity with Sustainable Design: The 11,000 square foot addition offers increased space for large-scale projects, incorporating a geothermal system for sustainable heating and cooling.

• Enhanced Lifting Power and Energy Efficiency: The facility’s new cranes improve load handling.

• The geothermal system and snow melt system introduce groundbreaking energy efficiency and safety features.

• State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for Superior Production and Environmental Stewardship: The modernized setup ensures top-tier production quality, rapid turnaround times, and reduced environmental impact.

“Our latest expansion is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ innovation, not just in scaling our operations but in leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future by utilizing geothermal as a heat storage device.” said Mike Rohde, President of Rohde Brothers, Inc. “By integrating a geothermal system, ice bank, and a snow melt system, we’re setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility in the industrial sector.”

Redefining Industrial Capabilities with a Commitment to Sustainability

This holistic expansion reflects Rohde Brothers’ dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. The new facility, crane capabilities, and energy-efficient systems collectively redefine what is possible in the realm of industrial fabrication, offering clients unparalleled service while minimizing environmental impact.

Special Thanks

Rohde Brothers, Inc. would also like to thank its partners in this construction project, A.C.E. Building Services, KW Electric, and Excel Engineering for their help in planning and construction of the new space.

Discover how Rohde Brothers’ forward-thinking expansion can benefit your projects. For more information, visit or contact Craig Bahr at (920)893-5905.

Celebrating Women in Construction Week

Celebrating Women in Construction Week

We appreciate and are so proud of the amazing women who’ve played an important role in building our company for over 110 years. Meet two of these amazing women.

Amanda Hintz has been with Rohde Brothers, Inc. for 6-1/2 years and in the construction industry for nine years. Amanda said “she likes working with her hands and has always wanted to work with her hands.” She also admitted that she enjoys not having to get dressed-up to go to work. As a service technician she’s integral to keeping all of our customer’s equipment running smoothly.


Amanda Servicing Control Panel
Amanda building controls_edited

Melody Norris has been in the construction industry for 2-1/2 years. She thought she would be a carpenter out of high school having been influenced by her grandfather who was a welder for Ford Motor Company. She ended up working as a chef for 14 years, but found construction was a better means to support her three children.


Melody welding
Melody in shop_edited
Energy Efficient Ammonia Refrigeration – Lakeside Foods

Energy Efficient Ammonia Refrigeration – Lakeside Foods

Rohde Brothers Inc. recently completed an ambitious project for Lakeside Foods in Manitowoc, installing the refrigeration and HVAC systems for a new 138,000 square foot stand-alone freezer that operates at -10°F. This project was a showcase of precision, speed, and advanced technology.

Refrigeration pipingThe Challenge: With a highly aggressive construction schedule, there was no room for error or delays. The complexity of the mechanical systems within the building demanded meticulous coordination and innovation.

Praise from Industry Partners: Michael Bartelt, project manager for Bartelt Insulation Supply, commended Rohde Brothers for our outstanding communication, safety, and timeliness, noting our professionalism and ethical work practices as key factors in our long-term success.

Innovative Solutions:

  1. 3D Building Information and Shop Prefabrication: We maximized the use of 3D modeling and prefabrication to reduce on-site manpower needs, accelerate project delivery, and ensure seamless integration of all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components.
  2. Advanced Control System: An Allen-Bradley programmable logic control system was used to monitor and control the entire operation, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.
  3. Shop Fabrication: We fabricated essential system components, including ductwork, piping, and control panels, in our shop for quality assurance and to maintain project momentum.
  4. Strategic Subassembly Construction: Building large subassemblies off-site ensured we could keep up with the project’s demanding schedule.

Key Installations:

  • Three 305 horsepower, 123-ton ammonia refrigeration compressors.
  • Four penthouse evaporators in the freezer area.
  • Two evaporative coolers in the dock area.
  • A 7 million BTU/hour evaporative condensing unit.
  • A 48-inch diameter, 195-inch tall high-pressure receiver.
  • Shell and tube economizer.
  • Comprehensive refrigerant pumps, heat exchangers, and accessories.
  • Condenser water pumps, tanks, and other essential accessories.
  • 2000 feet of in-floor tubing below the freezer to prevent ground freezing.

Conclusion: The successful completion of the Lakeside Foods stand-alone freezer project is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Our ability to combine cutting-edge technology with efficient project management resulted in a state-of-the-art facility that stands as a model in the food processing industry. If your project demands precision and efficiency, Rohde Brothers has the expertise to deliver.

Unique Ice Storage System, Geothermal & Waste Heat Recovery

Unique Ice Storage System, Geothermal & Waste Heat Recovery

When Masters Gallery Foods embarked on building their new cheese cutting and shredding plant in Oostburg, Wisconsin, they turned to Rohde Brothers, Inc. for a cutting-edge approach to refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Masters Gallery SiloEarly Collaboration for Innovation: Right from the conceptual stages, Masters Gallery Foods and Rohde Brothers collaborated closely. Mark Wirtz, Engineering Manager at Masters Gallery Foods, highlighted the benefits of this partnership. Together, we developed a holistic approach to the plant’s HVAC and refrigeration systems, integrating an innovative ice storage system, geothermal, and waste heat recovery. This approach not only enhanced energy efficiency but also reduced the need for ammonia, making the systems easier to maintain with lower life-cycle costs.

State-of-the-Art Facility Design: The new 2-story, 187,230 square foot facility features maintenance-friendly and energy-efficient systems. Utilizing standard equipment in unique ways, the plant stands as a model of modern food processing design.

Holistic Approach to Systems Design: Unlike traditional food processing facilities where systems are designed separately, our team took a more integrated approach. This not only reduced initial construction costs but also ongoing energy and maintenance expenses.

Customized Solutions:

  1. 3D Modeling: Facilitated an aggressive construction schedule and coordinated complex mechanical and electrical system installations.
  2. Waste Heat Utilization: Heat from chillers, hydraulic power units, and air compressors was repurposed for heating and cooling various areas, including office spaces, data and server rooms, and for snow melt and in-floor hydronic heating systems.Production Controls Interface
  3. Geothermal Pond Loop System: Provided efficient cooling and minimized the need for cooling towers.
  4. Future-Ready Refrigeration Systems: Designed for easy expansion to triple the plant’s capacity in future construction phases.
  5. Comprehensive Facility Features: Included a refrigerated bulk storage warehouse, three processing lines, packaging area, refrigerated shipping warehouse, offices, and a test kitchen.

Major Equipment Installed: The facility was equipped with a wide range of high-end machinery, including food-grade air handling units, heat-pump rooftop units, fan-coil heat pumps, evaporators, a packaged rooftop unit, chillers, ice-makers, cooling tower, and various pumps and fans.

Conclusion: Masters Gallery’s new facility is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ ability to innovate in industrial HVAC and refrigeration. Our integrated, sustainable approach has set a new standard in the industry. If you’re looking for a partner to revolutionize your facility’s systems, Rohde Brothers is at the forefront of efficient and sustainable solutions.

Mercury Marine’s Process Utility Piping Project: A Dual Award-Winning Achievement

Mercury Marine’s Process Utility Piping Project: A Dual Award-Winning Achievement

At Rohde Brothers, Inc., we’re proud to have completed a pivotal project for Mercury Marine that won both the ABC Project of Distinction and the AGC Build Wisconsin Award in 2017. This project involved comprehensive design/build HVAC and process mechanical services for a die cast addition, along with a complete rebuild of the process piping infrastructure.

The Challenge: Mercury Marine needed to modernize and expand its die casting operations. This required not only an addition to their existing facilities but also a significant overhaul of their process piping infrastructure, all while keeping the plant fully operational.

Strategic Phased Execution: The project was executed over multiple years in phases to ensure there was no disruption to ongoing plant operations. Our team worked meticulously to integrate new systems without affecting the plant’s productivity.

Client Praise: Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Manager at Mercury Marine, lauded Rohde Brothers for providing comprehensive mechanical system integration packages. He emphasized our contribution in reducing both installation and operational costs while enhancing the original performance expectations.

Customized Solutions:

  1. Complex Piping Installation: The installation of new piping in highly congested utility tunnels required careful planning and precise execution.
  2. Utility Piping Replacement: Alongside the cooling water piping, we replaced and upgraded the utility piping in the tunnels.
  3. Comprehensive Process Utility Modifications: This included alterations to potable water, non-potable water, compressed air, die lube, and wastewater systems.
  4. Future-Ready Design: Modifications were made with a focus on allowing future expansion of the die casting operations.

Conclusion: This project is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ expertise in managing complex industrial projects that require a high degree of precision and strategic planning. Our work at Mercury Marine not only met but exceeded client expectations, reducing costs and enhancing system performance. For businesses seeking a partner to undertake comprehensive mechanical system upgrades with minimal disruption, Rohde Brothers stands ready to deliver excellence.