Rohde Brothers Inc. recently completed an ambitious project for Lakeside Foods in Manitowoc, installing the refrigeration and HVAC systems for a new 138,000 square foot stand-alone freezer that operates at -10°F. This project was a showcase of precision, speed, and advanced technology.

Refrigeration pipingThe Challenge: With a highly aggressive construction schedule, there was no room for error or delays. The complexity of the mechanical systems within the building demanded meticulous coordination and innovation.

Praise from Industry Partners: Michael Bartelt, project manager for Bartelt Insulation Supply, commended Rohde Brothers for our outstanding communication, safety, and timeliness, noting our professionalism and ethical work practices as key factors in our long-term success.

Innovative Solutions:

  1. 3D Building Information and Shop Prefabrication: We maximized the use of 3D modeling and prefabrication to reduce on-site manpower needs, accelerate project delivery, and ensure seamless integration of all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components.
  2. Advanced Control System: An Allen-Bradley programmable logic control system was used to monitor and control the entire operation, ensuring safety and energy efficiency.
  3. Shop Fabrication: We fabricated essential system components, including ductwork, piping, and control panels, in our shop for quality assurance and to maintain project momentum.
  4. Strategic Subassembly Construction: Building large subassemblies off-site ensured we could keep up with the project’s demanding schedule.

Key Installations:

  • Three 305 horsepower, 123-ton ammonia refrigeration compressors.
  • Four penthouse evaporators in the freezer area.
  • Two evaporative coolers in the dock area.
  • A 7 million BTU/hour evaporative condensing unit.
  • A 48-inch diameter, 195-inch tall high-pressure receiver.
  • Shell and tube economizer.
  • Comprehensive refrigerant pumps, heat exchangers, and accessories.
  • Condenser water pumps, tanks, and other essential accessories.
  • 2000 feet of in-floor tubing below the freezer to prevent ground freezing.

Conclusion: The successful completion of the Lakeside Foods stand-alone freezer project is a testament to Rohde Brothers’ innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Our ability to combine cutting-edge technology with efficient project management resulted in a state-of-the-art facility that stands as a model in the food processing industry. If your project demands precision and efficiency, Rohde Brothers has the expertise to deliver.