Process Piping for food manufacturingSince the early 1970s, Rohde Brothers has been a key partner in Johnsonville Sausage’s journey of growth and innovation. Our longstanding collaboration has spanned various projects, big and small, across their multi-plant meat processing campus.

Long-Term Partnership: Our relationship with Johnsonville Sausage’s engineering department is built on mutual trust and a deep understanding of their needs. We’ve been involved in everything from minor HVAC system adjustments to major installations and maintenance projects in process and wastewater treatment plants.

Highlight Project – The Meadowside Plant Expansion: A standout example of our collaboration is the Meadowside Plant Expansion. Here, we successfully completed the HVAC work for the 81,600 square foot expansion. This project included:

  1. Customized Ventilation Solutions: We designed and installed ventilation systems tailored for new custom cook equipment.
  2. Controls and Steam Piping: Our team expertly handled the installation of control systems and steam piping.
  3. Efficient Execution: Despite tight deadlines and the need to avoid disrupting ongoing operations, we delivered on time and beyond expectations.

Client Testimonial: Eric Grams, Senior Project Manager at Miron Construction Co., Inc., praises Rohde Brothers for our deep industry knowledge, ability to understand client needs, and proficiency in execution, leading to repeated collaborations on Johnsonville Sausage expansion projects.

Our Customized Solutions: Our work encompassed a variety of complex tasks, including:

  • Engineering and application problem-solving with effective trade coordination.
  • Unique solutions for process ventilation, steam, and gas service.
  • Installation of advanced HVAC systems, including controls and high-pressure steam piping.
  • Specialized ductwork in food production areas using heli-arc welded stainless steel.

Conclusion: At Rohde Brothers, our commitment to innovation and efficiency shines through in projects like the Johnsonville Sausage expansions. We take pride in delivering tailored solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. If your business seeks a partner for advanced industrial solutions, Rohde Brothers is ready to bring value and ingenuity to your projects.