Rohde Brothers achieved a remarkable feat in engineering by collaborating with a full-service boutique to install a state-of-the-art $10 million snow melt system. This project not only enhanced the guest experience but also played a crucial role in protecting the integrity of the hotel’s parking structure.

snow melt tubing in a garageThe Challenge: Faced with the need to provide a safe, snow-free environment for guests, the boutique hotel sought a solution that could handle a large and varied outdoor area. This challenge called for a design that was both innovative and aggressive.

Praise from Industry Experts: Rick Nierzwicki, Managing Director at CG Schmidt, commended the project as one of the most aggressive design solutions for such a vast area. He emphasized the success of the project was largely due to Rohde’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to a tight construction schedule.

Our Customized Solution:

  1. Extensive Snow Melt System: We designed and installed a 70,000 square foot in-slab snow melt system covering the entire parking structure, including decks, drives, sidewalks, stairwells, and ramps. The system comprised 25 zones and over 22 miles of PEX tubing.
  2. Advanced Equipment Installation: We furnished and installed key components like steam to hot water heat exchangers, pumps, hydronic equipment, in-slab tubing, and controls.
  3. High-End Technical Components: The project included a 3-stage high-pressure steam reducing station, two steam to hot water heat exchangers, hot water pumps, an expansion tank, glycol fill system, and sophisticated snow melt controls.
  4. Storm Water Drainage Enhancement: We added and modified the storm water drainage system for the parking deck to complement the snow melt system.
  5. Ventilation System Upgrade: The parking structure’s ventilation equipment was replaced with new fans and controls, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

Conclusion: This innovative snow melt system stands as a testament to Rohde’s engineering prowess and dedication to client satisfaction. By ensuring a safe, snow-free environment, we enhanced the guest experience while safeguarding the hotel’s infrastructure. If your business is looking for groundbreaking solutions in heating and ventilation, Rohde Brothers is your go-to partner.