Rohde Brothers Inc. Innovates with Custom Geothermal Pond Loop Systems

In the ever-evolving world of industrial heating and cooling, Rohde Brothers Inc. is breaking new ground with its cutting-edge geothermal pond loop systems. Leveraging the power of 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we have successfully designed and installed a series of these systems, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our latest project showcases a patent-pending, undersized pond system, ingeniously designed to eliminate the costly requirement of vertical wells typically associated with traditional geothermal systems. This innovative approach not only reduces the initial investment but also streamlines the installation process.

But that’s just the beginning. In a bold move, we’ve integrated process cooling loops with the geothermal loop. This unique combination allows for the beneficial reuse of waste process heat generated by air compressors, refrigeration compressors, and hydraulic systems. This repurposing of waste heat, utilized effectively with heat pumps, provides a triple advantage: comfort heating, sanitation, and process heating, thereby significantly reducing the reliance on conventional methods.

Further enhancing the system’s efficiency, the geothermal loop steps in to provide necessary cooling for any excess heat. This feature minimizes the need for additional cooling towers, again leading to substantial cost savings in both maintenance and operation.

Installation ease and efficiency have been a key focus in our design. The skid-mounted pump systems are pre-piped and pre-wired, complete with controls. This modular design drastically cuts down the cost and time associated with installation, allowing for a smoother, faster transition to operational status.

At the heart of the system’s operability is the web-based Honeywell Tridium control system. This advanced interface, working in conjunction with the Allen-Bradley PLC system, provides a user-friendly, graphical interface that allows easy monitoring and control of the entire system.

Rohde Brothers Inc. is proud to be at the forefront of innovative solutions in industrial plumbing, HVAC, and energy projects. Our geothermal pond loop systems are a testament to our commitment to delivering cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to our clients. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking projects from our team!

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