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Die Cast Mist Collection Systems

Mercury Marine’s “Plant 17 aluminum casting facility started a building expansion to accommodate three new large tonnage die cast machines...Rohde Brothers, Inc. worked closely with me to develop a hooded capture system that allowed filtered air to be returned to the factory space. Although other systems exist globally, none to our knowledge operate as effectively and efficiently,” said Stephen Mlinaz, Senior Facilities Engineer, Mercury Marine.

Customized Solution:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of die lube over spray and shot fume capture and treatment systems for each die cast machine with retractable hood, multistage filters and fan with return of treated air back into the plant

  • Retractable hood allows for die changes using overhead crane

  • Four stage filtration system removes die lube/water mist, smoke, oil and particulates allowing return of treated air to the plant significantly reducing the volume of makeup air required

  • Variable speed makeup air and exhaust fans added for each die cast machine

  • Custom PLC for monitoring and control of the mist collection system provided by Rohde and integrated into Mercury’s central ignition system

  • Redesign of the capture hood system and piping systems to accommodate the larger 4500 ton capacity of the third die cast machine. In addition to the larger size, the plant elected to make multiple changes in the methods employed for die preheating and cooling for process quality and efficiency improvement. The new capture system support structure incorporated an equipment platform for new heating and cooling equipment

  • Based on the success of the first three mist collection systems, Rohde has installed additional systems in the original plant and a subsequent 2019 addition

  • To date, a total of ten mist collection systems have been installed

ABC Project of Distinction, 2017
AGC Build Wisconsin, 2017

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