Village of Stockbridge – Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Village of Stockbridge

Clarifier at waste water treatment plant

Customized Solution:

  • Installed a 6000 gallon chemical storage tank.
  • Installed a new 2 unit test center for automated testing and data reporting.
  • A new fine screen and associated pump were also installed.
  • A solid waste screw type pump out was installed at the head of the plant.
  • All associated piping, pluming, and sensors were also installed.
  • A full automated controls center was installed with remote interface. 

The Village of Stockbridge hired Rohde Brothers, Inc. to general it’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade and expansion. Rohde brothers added a 5000 gallon reinforced chemical storage tank, testing center, and associated pumps, piping, controls, and electrical.

Rohde was also the plumbing and utilities contractor for this project. Rohde installed a pumpout stand as well as additional piping for a second set of pumps and updated controls for the entire system.

Stockbridge Wisconsin

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Rohde Brothers, Inc. Expansion

Rohde Brothers, Inc Expands Fabrication Space

40 tons of lifting in 2 cranes 4 hooks

When Rohde Brothers, Inc. needed to expand it’s fabrication facility the leadership team decided to add some state-of-the-art features in order to innovate and save energy and cost at the same time. 

The new 11,000 sq foot space includes dual 20 ton cranes, dedicated stainless steel manufacturing space, an equipment test cell, and a host of energy efficiency features:

This project was designed in our facility using BIM/CAD. The project included a horizontal field type geothermal system, a boiler system to assist the geothermal, an ice bank system and dual chiller compressors to “cool” the space in the warmer months. The energy efficiency components of the system will likely save Rohde Brothers 36% on it’s heating and cooling costs annually.

In addition, a snow melt system was placed at the north end of the structure under the apron to prevent snow and ice accumulation. This system actually is safer for employees, uses heat that is already in the system, and removes the need to plow snow in that area, reducing CO2 emmisions.

Customized Solution:

  • 3D modeling used to facilitate an aggressive construction schedule, and to coordinate the complex mechanical and electrical system installation.
  • Waste heat from the chillers, hydraulic power unit and air compressors is utilized to provide heating and cooling.
  • A horizontal ground based geothermal system provides constant tempreture to heat/cool based on season.
  • Major equipment:
  • Dual KBX400 Boilers providing any needed heat for the snow melt or building heat.
  • 400 Gallon Hot Glycol storage tank insulated to maintain 108 degrees.
  • Dual 400 MBH Condensing units built at Rohde Brothers, Inc.
  • Gas Fired 300,000BTU unit heater.
  • Dual Rupp economizer exhaust units.
  • 15 Ton Ice Bank system
  • 5690CFM Fan Coil Unit

Rohde Brothers, inc.

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City of Portage Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - City of Portage

Waste Water Treatment Contractors

The city of Portage, WI rests on the banks of the Wisconsin River and is one of Wisconsin’s oldest cities.

The city decided to upgrade and update parts of its waste water treatment headworks in an attempt to improve the overall condition of it’s facility and it’s processes.

The job consists of a center flow band fine screen system with an integrated compactor. The equpment was very specific and built in Austrailia. To our knowledge this company is the only firm to make this exact equipment. The equipment is self cleaning and can be operated using a number of configurations.

The job also consisted of piping and pumps which happen in a second phase. Driver motors, gear reducers, and piping all needed to be installed to fully upgrade the system. 

Customized Solution:

  • RETROFIT a new center flow fine screen vertical screener with an integral compactor into the facility. With all new controls and piping to the next phase of the treatment process.
  • Controls for the equipment were installed per NEC specifications to operate and consist of 480 volt primary panel with PLC and an operator interface which can operate the screen, spray wash, and compactor.
  • New piping for solids coming from the screener
  • New piping and pumps for effluent to move liquid into other areas of the treatment plant

Appleton Wisconsin WWTP

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Village of Eden – Waste Water Treatment Upgrades

Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - Village of Eden

Eden Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Village of Eden, WI was looking to renovate and expand its waste water treatment capacity due to outdated equipment and growing needs.

The village contracted with CDSMITH and Rohde Brothers, Inc. to completely retrofit its current waste water plant. The project consisted of several changes which enhanced capacity and updated the operation from a 100% manual one, to an automated plant which can be monitored and operated remotely by one person. The upgrade increased overall capacity of some parts of the plant 300% and includes new piping, pumps, blowers, HVAC, a new Alum tank and system, a new skimmer, and completely new sensors and controls throughout.

Customized Solution:

  • All new HVAC throughout the system included fans, blowers, exhaust, furnaces, and room heating units.
  • A new alum injection system with new tank, mixer, and pumps.
  • New and much more efficient variable speed pumps to move effluent around the various operation stages of the plant.
  • New and expanded piping throughout the facility.
  • A new testing center which automates the testing process.
  • 3 Kaeser rotary lobe blower systems which functionally increase the airation capacity 3x while saving energy.
  • Several fans and vent fans were installed to maintain breatheable air inside all areas of the facility.

Village of Eden WWTP

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City of Appleton Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade - City of Appleton

The city of Appleton is one of the fastest growing cities in North East Wisconsin, and they needed to upgrade and grow the capacity of their wastewater treatment plant.

To compensate for all the growth a plan was made to double the size of the solid waste conveyer system and structural walkway, they looked to Rohde for help. 

Rohde also added an air handler and related ducting to properly ventalate the processing area where acid washing takes place. Then hoods which help to clear the air over the acid washing operations were installed to de-mist/exfiltrate the acid fumes to make the space habitable for workers. Rohde also installed new duct and vent hoods over the conveyor system being built. 

Rohde was also the plumbing and utilities contractor for this project which meant completely demolishing the old storm drains in the solid waste storage building and replacing it. Rohde also constructed an underground storm water system in the new addition.

Customized Solution:

  • 3D modeling used to design and prove the underground storm drain system in the new addition.
  • A new main conveyor system was provided by Schwing Bioset and installed by Rohde Brothers team members.
  • A new conveyor system was added to move waste solids to the new expansion which was designed and built by Rohde Brothers, then installed by Rohde Mechanics. 
  • Vent hoods and associated ductwork was provided by Rohde Brothers in-house metal fabrication team.
  • A total of 21 exhaust fans were installed in the main storage area as well as the new addition to properly exfil gasses from the facility.

Appleton Wisconsin WWTP

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